Release Notes: 2023.06.0

Release Notes: 2023.06.0

Release Version:  2023.06.0

June 27 2023

We are pleased to announce a new software release with multiple new features and fixes:
  1. Dedicated technologist documentation page
  2. Auto-check Technologist MQSA/ACR continuing experience credit checkbox
  3. Breast Arterial Calcification (BAC) grading
  4. Multiple calcifications selector from Screening Mammogram
  5. Hemisphere Location
  6. Quadrant Location mode as a configurable default selection
  7. New workup/resolution feature added to MG and MRI
  8. "Gadopiclenol" as new MRI contrast agent
  9. Set individual wire lengths for bracketing localization procedure
  10. "Family History - No Risk Assessed" patient questionnaire. Formerly "No Risk Assessment"

Technologist Workflow

Dedicated Technologist Documentation Page

We have created a dedicated technologist page for documenting imaging views, technique, and prior exam dates.  The technologist can now stay on the worklist without switching to the report page to enter patient data.  The patient canvas and exam notes are also conveniently located in neighboring tabs in the same dialog.

The page includes a new quick-toggle grid with over 1300 views to choose from.  The grid can expand to show all imaging views or collapse to show the most common views only.

Auto-Check Technologist MQSA/ACR Continuing Experience Credit Checkbox

To ensure that the technologist is given MQSA/ACR continuing experience credit, we now automatically check the checkbox on the worklist when the technologist changes exam data in the following sections:
  1. Adding prior exams on the report page or the new technologist documentation page described above
  2. Adding or editing imaging technique on the report page or on the new technologist documentation page described above
  3. Selecting imaging views in the new view grid on the  technologist documentation page described above

Screening Mammography

Breast Arterial Calcification (BAC) grading

This feature is based on the Canadian Society of Breast Imaging grading system with the hope that it will lead to intervention in asymptomatic women at higher cardiovascular risk.

To display the BAC dialog, long-hold (or long-press) the Vasc Ca++ button.

The dialog below will appear.  There are four BAC grades listed:
  1. Grade 0:  No vascular calcification
  2. Grade 1:  Few punctate vascular calcifications without coarse, tram-track, or ring calcifications
  3. Grade 2:  Coarse vascular calcification or tram-track calcification in fewer than 3 vessels
  4. Grade 3:  Severe coarse vascular or tram track calcification affecting 3 or more vessels
You can also indicate "Change Over Time" with the colored buttons displayed below.

Multiple Calcifications Selector

We have added the “Multiple” functionality to the B9 Ca++.  This feature is currently available on other B9 findings but we have now added it to B9 Ca++.  To turn on the multiple setting, simply click the “L” or “R” button twice.  Select is again to turn it off.

Setting this to multiple will affect how the finding is described in the clinical report.

Button Indicator for Long-Hold Options
When you hover the mouse over certain buttons on the screening page, a long-hold indicator will appear indicating that this button has additional functionality when you long-hold or long-press it.  Not all buttons have long-hold capabilities..

Locator Page Options

Hemisphere Location

An option to locate by Hemisphere has been added for all modalities.

To document hemisphere, enable the Hemisphere checkbox and click or drag the yellow highlighter around the coronal view to the appropriate location.

Quadrant Mode - Configurable Default Selection

Quadrant mode can be configured as the default location descriptor by modality for any new location created.  Please contact Ikonopedia support if you wish to enable this options.

MG and MRI Modalities

Workup/Resolution Tool (Workup +/-)

We have updated mammography and MRI modalities to match resolve/workup functionality found in diagnostic ultrasound. The purpose of the Workup +/- dialog is to quickly resolve or workup imaging concerns from a prior exam.

Note: For mammography, a similar feature has been replaced with the functionality of the version found in Ultrasound

Workup +/- dialog for Mammography

Workup +/- dialog for MRI

"Gadopiclenol" - MRI Contrast Agent

In the screening MRI and diagnostic MRI modalities, we have added Gadopiclenol as a choice in the contrast selection list.

Biopsy/Procedure Modality

Set individual wire lengths for bracketing localization procedure

The number of text boxes will match the number of wires selected in the drop down list seen in the example below.

Patient Questionnaire

"Family History - No Risk Assessed" Questionnaire

This questionnaire version was formerly referred to as "No Risk Assessment".  This updated version of the now includes questions to capture family history of breast and ovarian cancer. This questionnaire options is selected by default for male patients, but can also be used to collect family history information for customers who do not use the Tyrer-Cuzick risk assessment tool.  This questionnaire option does not generate a risk score as seen with the Tyrer-Cuzick risk model. However, alerts will be presented based on the selected answers and pertinent information will be added to the CLINICAL section of the report.

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