Release Notes: 2023.01.0

Release Notes: 2023.01.0

Release Version:  2023.01.0

January 6, 2023

We are pleased to announce a new software release with multiple new features and fixes:
  1. Auto-Select BI-RADS 2 with Benign Findings
  2. Screening Benign Plural Option
  3. Screening Session - "Sign and Next"
  4. Add Priors By "X" Years
  5. Patient Canvas Marker Update
  6. Historical Questionnaire Viewer
  7. "Quick Add Priors By Year" expanded to 15 years
  8. Carry Forward Lesion Type
  9. Biopsy Procedure Lesion Type Update

Screening Mammography

Auto-Select BI-RADS 2 with Benign Findings

When selecting one of the green benign findings button is selected from the Screening Mammo page, the BI-RADS 2 button (with the appropriate laterality) will automatically be selected.  This will override a BI-RADS 1 selection, but will not override any BI-RADS 0 selection(s).

Screening Benign Plural Option

After select a benign finding on the screening page, a second click on the “L” or “R” button will toggle on a red “multiple” indicator.  When this is enabled, the report output for this selection will be in plural form as opposed to singular.
  1. Selecting ‘B9 Mass “R” button once will result in this report text “Right: Benign-appearing mass noted on the right.”
  2. Selecting the “R” button a second time on ‘B9 Mass’ will produce this sentence: “Right: Benign-appearing masses noted on the right.”

Screening Session - "Sign and Next"

Screening sessions workflow has been introduced, which enables radiologists to report and sign screening exams in batches without leaving the screening page. This screening sessions workflow is only available to customers who utilize Ikonopedia as the driving worklist, where Ikonopedia initiates an integration workflow with other imaging systems.
This is an optional feature that is not enabled by default. Please contact Ikonopedia support ( if you are interested in enabling this feature
This feature allows a radiologist to select (take ownership) any number of screening exams on the worklist to create a screening session.  When this is enabled, you can select findings, add prior exam dates, and sign the report without ever leaving the screening page.  After a report is signed, the next exam will automatically slide into view.  Radiologists will also have the option to skip an exam and return to it later in the session.

Enabling screening sessions does not prohibit you from reporting in the traditional way. You can still switch between modalities and sign on the report viewing screen as usual.

A new session panel is seen to the right of the arrow in the graphic below with a toggle switch so you can turn sessions on and off.


If you choose not to enable screening sessions, we have also changed the layout to add the "Add Priors" button to the traditional screening page as shown below.  This will add the dates of prior imaging, known by Ikonopedia, for a pre-configured number of years (New Feature:  Add Priors by "X" Years).  The default value is 5 years.

Add Priors By "X" Years

A new configurable auto-comment has been added to the report page to add prior exam dates for the last 'X' number of years.  The default number of years is 5, but it can be configured to pull exam dates for any number of years.
Please contact Ikonopedia support ( to change the pre-configured number of years for this feature.

Patient Viewer Updates and New Features

Patient Canvas Marker Updates

The canvas markers have been updated to align more closely with medical community standards.  The following marker images have been updated.

Historical Questionnaire Viewer

Previously saved patient questionnaire responses can be viewed and filtered to find specific information.

Clicking on a section title will expand the tree-view for that exam date.

Typing in the search box will expand all related tree-view sections and show only applicable questions/responses.

Admin Reports Mode
Opening the patient viewer from the Admin Reports page will enable the 'Prev' and 'Next' buttons -- allowing you to view the questionnaire history for each row in the administrative report.

To open from Admin Reports, create a report with search results and select the patient-viewer button as seen below.

In Admin Reports mode you can toggle between exams by clicking the 'Prev' and 'Next' buttons as seen below.

All Reporting

Quick Add Priors By Year

The 'Quick Add Priors By Year' macro has been expanded that allows a selection of 15 years.

Carry-Forward Lesion Type

Lesion type information is carried forward between exams as parenthetical notations on location lists. The lesion-type associated with each location is now displayed as a parenthetical notation on each location. In addition, these lesion-type notations are carried forward from one exam to another for all modalities.

Biopsy/Procedure Modality

Lesion Type Update

"Fluid Collection" has been added as a choice in the Biopsy/Procedure modality lesion-type drop-down list.

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