Release: August 2020

Release: August 2020

Ikonopedia Release: August 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of new software features which will be included in our next update scheduled for the evening of May 5th, 2020.  This document describes the new features listed below.

Ikonopedia Updates

  1. Updated MRI Screening and Diagnostic modalities
  2. Enhanced Analytics Reporting
  3. New Quadrant Location Feature
  4. Biopsy - Morphology Input For Surgeons
  5. Biopsy - Aspiration Amount
  6. Pathology - New Resolution Classifications
  7. "Do Not Track" Checkbox in Follow-Up Dialog
  8. Categorization Of "Need Priors" Within Follow-Up Manager
  9. Addendum - Hide Pathology Option
  10. Additional Fixes

MRI Modality Updates

We have completely overhauled the MRI Screening and Diagnostic modalities to conform more closely to the look-and-feel of our Mammography and Ultrasound modalities.  The information and graphics below will highlight some of the new features.

MRI Diagnostic Modality

The new modality includes ten Lesion assessment categories that adhere to ACR BI-RADS Atlas Fifth Edition.



We have moved important interface elements to top level.

Quick three-button Fibroglandular Tissue and Background Parenchymal Enhancement selectors are brought to top-level.

Implant evaluation dialog:

Voids Selection Dialog:

Contrast Selection Dialog:

MRI Screening Modality

The MRI screening modality has been updated to include a new contrast selection dialog as well as to synchronize with the new MRI diagnostic modality.

New contrast dialog is also seen on MRI screening page:

MRI Locator

The MRI locator screen has also been updated with the same look-and-feel as the Mammography and Ultrasound locators.  The graphic below shows the new BI-RADS®, Density, and Follow-up selection panel.


Below is a list of new Analytics reports in this release.  These reports will not be enabled by default.  Please contact Ikonopedia support ( for more information about having these reports made available for your site.
  1. Analytics Detail: MQSA Mammography DX, Radiologist/Site Breakdown
  2. Analytics Detail: MQSA Mammography SCRN and DX, Radiologist/Site Breakdown
  3. Analytics Detail: MQSA Mammography SCRN, Radiologist/Site Breakdown
  4. Diagnostic and SCRN Mammography Resolved Counts by Radiologist and BIRADS
  5. Diagnostic Mammography Resolved Counts by Radiologist and BIRADS
  6. EQUIP Review, Completed, By Site and Radiologist, De-identified
  7. EQUIP Review, Completed, By Site and Technologist, De-identified
  8. EQUIP Review, Pending, By Site and Radiologist, De-identified
  9. EQUIP Review, Pending, By Site and Technologist, De-identified
  10. Referral Patient Counts by Referring Physician
  11. Screening Mammography Resolved Counts by Radiologist and BIRADS
  12. Sono Tech Exam Counts for Ultrasound SCRN
  13. Sono Tech Exam Counts for Ultrasound DX
  14. Sono Tech Exam Counts for Ultrasound SCRN and DX


On the locator screens for all modalities, we have added a new quadrant selection checkbox.  When checked, this enables quadrant-specific wording in the report.  The checkbox is not checked by default.

When quadrant checkbox is unchecked (default), location description is displayed in the traditional manner.


We have added a lesion description dialog to the Biopsy modality. This is designed to assist in documenting biopsy lesion information for patients that do not have a prior diagnostic report within Ikonopedia.


The Morphology button is enabled once a Lesion Type is selected from the drop-down menu.


Within the biopsy module, we have added a field to document the amount of fluid aspirated during a procedure.

This field is enabled after selecting a lesion type of Abscess, Cyst, or Seroma, a device of Aspirate, and navigating to the Detail tab.  The field will use a measurement of (ml) and will automatically populate that (ml) value within the text field and report.


Two new pathology classifications have been added within the Resolution Manager
  1. Invasive - Multi-Centric Carcinoma
  2. Benign - (Cellular) Fibroepithelial Lesion


We have added the “Do Not Track” option checkbox to the top level of the follow-up selection dialog.  When selected, this recommendation will be noted in the report but not tracked in the follow up manager.  The patient may have other recommendations that will be tracked separately.


As a configurable option, follow up tasks for patients who need to obtain prior images will be listed under the BI-RADS 0 tab with the other Additional Imaging required tasks.  Currently, these tasks are listed under the “Other” tab within Follow-Up Manager.  To use the new categorization option, please submit a change request to our support desk at


A button has been added to the addendum preview window that will allow a radiologist to hide the pathology information on a report in which it is not required.





  1. Using the enter key from keyboard runs the selected query from Admin Tools area
  2. Misalignment of Resolution Manager keypad when using a small screen or window
  3. Report count corrected when printing from Admin Reports
  4. Combining of Clinical and Prior Report sections for biopsy exams
  5. EQUIP signature line populated without page break when applicable
  6. Calculation of malignant count report updated
  7. DX Mammogram Module - Fine Pleo and Course Hetero are no longer mutually exclusive selectable options.

Ikonopedia Release: August 2020 - Confidential and Proprietary. Not Authorized for Distribution
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