Follow-Up Manager - Patient Notify Workflow

Follow-Up Manager - Patient Notify Workflow

Step OneFrom the worklist click on the “Cog” icon upper right corner next to your name. In Dropdown list click on “Follow Up Manager.”

Step TwoClick on the “Patient Notify” tab. By clicking on the gray “Step 1” tab (optional) there is a dropdown box where, if needed, you can view the letter and see that there is only one step to completing “Communicate exam results to patient.”

Step Three:  Click on the “Batch” tab upper right to open batch print options.

Step Four:  Click check box for “Select All” and then Click on “Letters” Tab to print.  Wait for the browser print pop up to see the letters that you are printing. Be sure to check that they have printed before moving to Step Five.

Step Five:  

Verify that the letters have printed then click check box for “Batch Step Up” and then click on “Apply” bottom right.
You will now notice that the patient information will fade out, the gray step 1 box has changed to a slash mark (/) and the step is then timestamped with the name of the person who completed the step.

NoteIf you click the step box (/) the blue dropdown box will also show that the “Communicate exam results to patient” is complete.  Once you move to another tab or out of the Follow Up Manager, the completed patient(s) will be removed from the “Patient Notify” tab.

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