Creating Tablet Shortcuts for Ikonopedia

Creating Tablet Shortcuts for Ikonopedia

Recommendation:  The tablet device should be configured and used in landscape mode with the settings listed below.

iOS/iPad Home Screen Shortcut

  1.  Open Safari and go to for LIVE or for TEST
  2.  Click the share icon (to the right of the URL bar, a box with up arrow)
  3.  Click 'Add to Home Screen'
  4.  Rename the icon title to "Ikonopedia"
  5.  Save, and move the icon shortcut to desired iOS page and test launch.
  6.  We suggest locking the view to landscape view.

Android Tablets

  1.   Open Chrome and go to for LIVE or for TEST
  2.   When the page loads, click the menu with three dots in the upper-right corner, and then select 'Add to Home Screen.
  3.   This action will create an icon on the tablet home screen that will launch Ikonopedia in full screen mode.
  4.   We suggest locking the view to landscape view as well.

Ikonopedia Specifications and Requirements:

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